Changes to webpack config causing 3rd party modules to have issues?

Not sure where to start… but I have an app where a number of modules call 3rd party modules. Ionic v4, Cordova 9.x, latest versions of NPM and node.

The problem is that in recents builds, I’ve started getting errors that appear to indicate that the modules that are getting required are not getting… built…? themselves?

For instance, I use video-js and it has a dependency down the chain (es-abstract). es-abstract uses “global” within the module to do it’s stuff. According to the module developer, webpack or whatever I am using should replace “global” with “window” since it’s being built for the web.

Likewise, I have another module for which I cannot reproduce an issue but what almost appears to be happening is that it’s not being included or used properly and it is generating a ton of errors in my application.

I’m not even sure where to go about trying to figure out the cause here. Where can I see the webpack config? How can I make sure that webpack is properly processing those files?

So, more specifically what seems to be going on is that code which is being required() rather than imported seems to be having issues.

Additional update: looks like in that Angular-CLI is no longer shimming globals and so what I’m running into is exactly what Angular is saying should happen.

Appears to have been part of my problem. Finally isolated another issue down to an issue with the videojs player and related plugin only causing problems when fullscreen.