Changes are not reflectiong to apk

Hello Everyone,
I was following the Moodle Documentation where i downloaded the repo and npm run setup which helps to setup project.
Then i used Ionic serve --browser chrome
it opens the app in chrome browser and also loads all Js files.
I can able to make changes and in Js files and i can see the changes reflected in browser.
When I’m trying to convert it into apk by using
npm run ionic:build – --prod
cordova run android
these commands helps in getting APK bt the changes i made in JS files are not reflecting

That’s correct. The Apk is build and installed on the device. It’s not made for live reloading the build folder, so just build a new apk.

Hey @EinfachHans,

Thanks for your response. But how i achieve that.
Is there any example or tutorial for that.

I’m New to Ionic and its my first project.
If i’m not wrong Everytime i run

cordova run android

It will create a new APK.
It will be grateful if u provide any resource.
Thank you