Change Webview

Hi guys, I need a help, I need to change the webview (android) to the old implementation.
My app needs to write txt file. and need to mantain the old webview. I tried to change but I don´t have any success to change,
Somebody can help to change the plugin?

What do you mean by old webview?


non-crosswalk. webview that i can write my txt files at file system

Explain better: yesterday i created new project, and i noticed the difference, when i added android platform, tha configured plugin cordova-plugin-ionic-webview, and noticed that plugin ftp ( i have error - read only file system) and write txt file at file system changed… I´d like to go back to old webview that i believe is not crosswalk but I don´t know the name. with the old webview, I have 2 apps that works perfect.

somebody can help me?