Change Slide in Slide-Box Based on Button Click

I have a slide-box with three slides in it. Just simple images. Works great. But I wanted to get rid of the pager, and then have buttons, and based on which button you clicked, I wanted to toggle the active slide. I just wanted some simple way to set the index or active slide of the slide-box. I’m obviously very new to ionic, but have tried a lot of different things to make this work. Seems like it should be easy, but I’m not getting this.

You may want to check out the slide-box api page.

@mhartington can you help me please ??

let me say I have two pages, the first one contains 20 very small images, we can consider each one of them as a button or href ,
and the second page contains a slide box that consists of 20 big images I can swipe between them.

When I click on one of images in First page, I Must go to same image in slide box in second page…
how can I do that ??

Is there any way to know from where I came ? (from which of the 20 images ? ) to set the value of active-slide like it ?
I tried a lot of things but I failed every time :((
I wonder if you could help me with this? with a lot of thanks
sorry for my English ^^!