SlideBox to slide automatically after opening

Hi all!

I am new here and just learning about ionic and Angular so would greatly appreciate your help!

I have 2 different slideboxes (lets call them A and B) and I need to go from any slide inside Slidebox A to slide number 1 in Slidebox B. I am using $location.path( path ) to navigate between Slidebox A and Slidebox B however it always starts from Slide 0 and not Slide 1. I cannot default active-slide to 1 because Slidebox B is also accessible from other parts of the app and in those cases it should start from slide 0. So far I’ve tried .slide straight after calling $location.path( path ) but that didn’t work (async call or scope issue?) I’ve also tried attaching .slide to a $location event $locationChangeSuccess but that didn’t work either…

Any suggestions highly appreciated!! Thanks!

bump… no suggestions?


did you try to add a optional parameter for your state of slidebox B?

like '/sliderB/1’
1 = Slidenumber

Get the paramvalue in your controller and use $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.slide(slidenumber)$ionicSlideBoxDelegate/


That’s what i’ve tried using $locationChangeSuccess to call the slide function… But that didn’t really work. I’m using $state.transitionTo instead of $location, maybe I’ll try hooking into its events

Tried with states - still no luck. Here’s what I have:


.state('mystate', {
  url: '/mystate',
  templateUrl: 'mypage.html',
  controller: 'MainCtrl',
  data: {
    slideNumber : 1


        if ($ {

Slide function gets called correctly but there is no sliding happening on the screen…

Instead of sliding to a certain slide - can I just start the slide box from a specific slide programatically?

Just in case someone might have a similar problem - I’ve worked around using active-slide and states. In my controller I added:

if ($ {
  $scope.myActiveSlide = $;
} else {    
  $scope.myActiveSlide = 0;