Slidebox - set current slide


Is there a way to set current slide in the slidebox? I do not mean to set the slide the slidebox will start with.

During manipulation with slides, I have experience multiple problem with the index slide as I change objects in ng-repeat. I would like to set a current slide index. Is that possible?


there are many useful methods like update() -> for ng-repeats :wink:

or slide();


update() only repaints the slides, this is not what the problem is.

Slide() will kind of change the index, however it will add the slide affect which is not desirable in this situation.

All I need is to set current index to a different index than the slide box thinks it is.


i think that will not work, because then the slide-box gets broken… because the caluclation for the next, previous depends on the correct index.


What you need is the active-slide property :

<ion-slide-box active-slide="test">

In contoller :

$scope.test = 3;


But will this not only set the the starting slide? Can I change this property anytime and it will update the index?



updating active-slide value brings the slide affect, works in a similar way as .slide(). I need to set the slide without the animation?


hi, did you find way to achieve this?