Change Order of Back- and Toggle-Button

Continuing the discussion from Change order of items in nav-bar:

I try quite the same as xMarston and it does not work. I like to have the back and the toggle-button on all subpages if a back button is necessary. So far, it works like that. But I like to change the order of these.

The solution by bengtler does not work for me. So I think maybe I need to write my own back-button for that thing. But If I will do that, then I have to write my own “When has the Back Button to appear” and therefore I like to know if anybody here knows an easier way to change the order.

My code looks someting like this:

<ion-nav-bar> <ion-nav-buttons side="left">..button for toggle..</ion-nav-buttons> <ion-nav-back-button> ... custom icon button....</ion-nav-back-button> <ion-nav-buttons side="right">..button for right side menu..</ion-nav-buttons> </ion-nav-bar>

Thank you in advance