Capacitor: Removing IDFA via CocoaPods

Submitting my iOS build for review, I get the familiar error:

Your app is using the Advertising Identifier (IDFA). You must either provide details about the IDFA usage or remove it from the app and submit your binary again.

I know this is from using cordova-plugin-google-analytics. When my app actually used Cordova, I would just remove libAdIdAccess.a and AdSupport.framework from the Linked Libraries section in Xcode. But now I am using Capacitor, so it’s added using CocoaPods.

What is the best way to ensure that the offending libraries are always removed?

Below are some areas in Xcode where I see the issue but am uncertain how best to proceed.

Mmmm, not 100% sure on this. While I check with the team, it might be worth considering not using the native plugin here. You could use the JS analytics instead, or use something like a capacitor plugins.

Thank you @mhartington. For now, I’ve just told App Store Connect that I’m using it to track installations, but plan to remove it for the next version unless there’s another solution.

This worked for me :

  1. open platforms/ios/podfile and remove the line with pod 'GoogleIDFASupport'

  2. navigate to the ios folder and do pod install