How to remove Android platform from capacitor and just keep iOS?

I have an app running capacitor 3 with both Android and iOS platforms. I need to remove Android altogether and just keep iOS. How can I do that? There is no remove platform option in capacitor cli

What about just deleting the Android Folder? :smiley:

I tried that but when I do a ionic capacitor sync the android folder comes back. I may need to look into config.xml and other areas?

config.xml? Why do you have this File? This is a Cordova Configuration File.

I just converted the app from Cordova to capacitor. Can I delete that file then?
I still have some Cordova plugins in my app

Yes, the conversion documentation says to delete the config.xml file.

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There are Plugins that use Scripts to read Variables from config.xml but normally you should just can delete it. Try it out :blush:

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