Capacitor keyboard sits on top of input

Hello, i have a problem with ios keyboard.
When i initially tap on input in ios device, the keyboard hides the input (it sits above it), and once i start typing,the input places itself correctly (above the keyboard).
Is there a way to make the keyboard sit under the input initially (before even starting to type something) ?
I am using ionic vue 6, Capacitor 3.4.3 , Capacitor/keyboard 1.2.2. (the input is an HTML element and not ‘ion-input’)

I am using the capacitor keyboard plugin :
import { CapacitorConfig } from ‘@capacitor/cli’;
const config: CapacitorConfig = { appId: ‘…’, appName: ‘…’, webDir: ‘dist’, bundledWebRuntime: false, plugins: {
Keyboard: { } }
export default config;

import { Keyboard } from “@capacitor/keyboard”;