Ionic keyboard push content up

The same issue that was reported many times with other releases of Ionic, is present even with Vue.
With Android, I have solved by adding to AndroidManifest.xml

But with iOS I’m not capable to find a solution that works for Ionic and Vue. Anyone have the same issue and maybe the workaround for this issue?

I am in PWA area…but I had similiar issue…

Have you maybe tried to use ion-content scrollToBottom, etc. Method?

Or in the worst case you could maybe hide some element, when the keyboard active ist.


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Thanks for the reply. The main issue is I cannot hide any elements. They are all needed.
Is it possible there isn’t a workaround? I saw that solution could be cordova ionic keyboard, but in my case isn’t working. Maybe I didn’t set it correctly?

If i know well, the ionic supports is more for capacitor instead of cordova. I didn’t have that much luck with cordova plugins… Try to go check capacitor website:

Thanks, but not even this one is working… I don’t understand why Ionic Team didn’t provide an official workaround for this particular issue…