Capacitor Camera.Pickimages not selecting multiple images

Hi i am using capacitor plugin for selecting photos from gallery,
like this
const images = await Camera.pickImages({
this allows me select to multiple image from google photos but allows to select only one photos from the device gallery in android. any one can help me to fix this please

Which version of capacitor camera are you using right now ?
for me its working with capacitor 5 and the camera plugin version is

  "@capacitor/camera": "^5.0.8",

You can use the third party capacitor plugin that can provide the file picker functionality for selecting the multiple images

iam using the same @capacitor/camera": “^5.0.8” but still i couldn’t select multiple photos
Can you help me out

Of course, can you share which version of capacitor is installed at your packag.json ?

I have installed capacitor version 5 specifically android “@capacitor/android”: “5.5.1”,

iam using @capacitor/android”: “5.0.5”

update it into 5.5.1 version

After updating @capacitor/android”: “5.5.1” also i couldn’t select multiple images on my vivo phone

Try updating to Capacitor 6 and @capacitor/camera 6.x, it uses a new component that should improve multiple image picking in some devices.

Thanks it worked with updating capacitor to 6 and @capacitor/camera 6.x,