CameraPlugin pickImages() does not open the gallery on mobile device


I was using the capacitor camera plugin with my PWA and found out that in the latest update the possibility of adding multiple photos at once was added.
However the functionality is not really working as expected and maybe could be enhanced a bit.

I hope it is okay, that I put all in one topic, otherwise let me know and I’ll create more topics.

  1. When using CameraPlugin.getPhoto, it is possible to use “source: CameraSource.prompt”, however, when choosing gallery, it does not support adding multiple photos. Is it possible to add the new multi photo feature to the gallery option in the prompt?
    Also the getPhoto() opens the camera and shows an option in the bottom left corner to access the gallery; maybe add the multi photo feature to this button as well?

  2. When I use CameraPlugin.pickImages() in my PWA on any device, the phone won’t open the gallery, but instead opens the main camera of the phone. I expected the same gallery to open as when I click on the gallery icon when using getPhoto().

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It’s a bug

It’s already reported Gallery support on web PWA · Issue #686 · ionic-team/capacitor-plugins · GitHub
And with a fix pending review fix(camera): Remove capture attribute from multiple photo picker by jcesarmobile · Pull Request #687 · ionic-team/capacitor-plugins · GitHub