Does capacitor have a multiple image picker

I am currently using Ionic 3 with Cordova and looking to possibly upgrade my App to Ionic 4 and use Capacitor instead.

One of the reasons why is that the image picker seems to be a little bit laggy running iOS 13 (beta version) and I was wondering if maybe using Capacitor instead of Cordova might be a solution but I cannot find any documentation for picking multiple images from the photo library with Capacitor. It seems Capacitor can get images from the photo library using the Camera plugin but there is no reference to picking multiple images.

Does anyone know if there is a multiple image picker available in Capacitor?

As of today, not in our Core Plugin suite.

Capacitor works with any web-based framework, including Ionic 3, so you don’t need to migrate to 4 (though we do recommend you do eventually). Capacitor is backward-compatible with Cordova, so you could try Capacitor with your Ionic 3 project and still use the current Cordova image picker plugin. Moving to Cap isn’t guaranteed to improve performance, though, since any changes should likely be made in the Cordova plugin itself.

Another suggestion - as with any beta software, there will be issues with iOS 13 until the final release. So, one alternative is to wait to see if performance improves.

Thanks netkow, I am most likely going to look at trying out Ionic studio and at the same time upgrading to Ionic 4 as part of the process, I may leave Capacitor for now and come back to it once it is compatible with Ionic Studio and includes more plugins such as the image picker, I am not sure what the benefit would be of using Capacitor for some things and Cordova for others unless you can convince me of a valid reason to start using Capacitor for some parts of my App and Cordova for the parts that are not yet covered by Capacitor?

Capacitor makes working with native app projects much easier/smoother as it’s a more modern approach and has better tooling.