Capacitor Browser Plugin Issue

My project build is failing because of this fix

feat(browser): Allow to configure popover size by jcesarmobile · Pull Request #1056 · ionic-team/capacitor-plugins (

The error states that the call wasn’t expecting the size parameter. This is a clean project with just the plugin added. It compiles when I remove the size parameter, but I am wondering is there some additional IOS Project Configuration I need to do in XCode to get it to compile?

self?.setCenteredPopover(viewController, size: CGSize.init(width: width, height: height))

version 4 of the plugins are meant to be used with Capacitor 4 as self?.setCenteredPopover(viewController, size: CGSize); is only available on Capacitor 4.

You can downgrade the plugin to 1.x or upgrade Capacitor to 4.

I wasn’t using version 4 of the plug-in

Latest 1.x version release was 7 months ago, so it’s not possible that the linked change is present in a 1.x release since it was done less than 2 months ago.
Double check your plugin version, you have version 4 installed.

ok thanks, I will check