Capacitor 3: Live reload does only show my real devices, not the Android Studio AVDs

I`m running ionic cap run --list to get a list of the available devices for my Ionic 5 project in livereload. I get a list of my real android device connected with USB, but the AVDs of android studio are not listed.

When I add --verbose, I get “Could not get config from Capacitor CLI”. I’m not really sure what that means:

ionic:lib:integrations:capacitor Getting config with Capacitor CLI: [ 'config', '--json' ] +0ms
ionic:lib:integrations:capacitor Could not get config from Capacitor CLI (probably old version) +342ms

Can somebody help me? I would like to run my App on the emulated devices in Android Studio

No answer? Is it a stupid question? It should show the Android Studio Emulated devices, right? Or did I not understand the concept.

By the way: It works to connect a real device, start capacitor live reload, open android studio then and then run an emulated device. It you add the parameter “url” to your capacitor.config.ts, you then have livereload on an emulated device.

Still no answer - What is wrong with this question? Or is it expected, to only show real devices?

update @ionic/cli and @capacitor/cli to latest and try again, should be fixed now