iOS no emulators found

I don’t think I have ever got live-reload working, but thought I’d give it a go again as I’m in need of it in a current project, however I get the following error - this is verbose output.

  ionic:lib Terminal info: { ci: false, shell: '/bin/zsh', tty: true, windows: false } +0ms
  ionic:lib CLI global options: { _: [ 'capacitor', 'run', 'ios' ], help: null, h: null, verbose: true, quiet: null, interactive: true, color: true, confirm: null, json: null, l: true, project: null, '--': [] } +3ms
  ionic:lib:project Project type from config: @ionic/vue (vue) +0ms
  ionic:lib:project Project details: { context: 'app', type: 'vue', errors: [], configPath: '/Users/iantearle/Sites/smcc-sustainable-swaps/ionic.config.json' } +1ms
  ionic Context: { binPath: '/usr/local/lib/node_modules/@ionic/cli/bin/ionic', libPath: '/usr/local/lib/node_modules/@ionic/cli', execPath: '/Users/iantearle/Sites/smcc-sustainable-swaps/ios/App', version: '6.20.9' } +0ms
  ionic:lib:integrations:capacitor Getting config with Capacitor CLI: [ 'config', '--json' ] +0ms
  ionic:commands:capacitor:run Getting native targets for 'ios' with Capacitor CLI: [ 'run', 'ios', '--list', '--json' ] +0ms
[ERROR] No devices or emulators found
  ionic:utils-process onBeforeExit handler: 'process.exit' received +0ms
  ionic:utils-process onBeforeExit handler: running 0 functions +1ms
  ionic:utils-process processExit: exiting (exit code: 1) +0ms

Is anyone able to tell me what this means, a solution to getting Capacitor CLI to see I do indeed have Xcode and several emulators installed?

Appears I was in the wrong folder. You need to be in the top level folder in order to run the app