Cannot live reload android

When I Execute this command: ionic capacitor run android -l --external
It does not ask me at any point to select a target device, instead it reaches capacitor copy android, then capacitor open android and opens Android Studio. It used to open an emulator device and I was able to live reload. It states this as well: Ready for use in your Native IDE!

   To continue, run your project on a device or emulator using Android Studio!

These are my versions:
@capacitor/android”: “4.3.0”,
@capacitor/app”: “4.0.1”,
@capacitor/core”: “4.3.0”,
@capacitor/device”: “4.0.1”,
@capacitor/ios”: “4.3.0”,
node 16
npm 7.24.0
openjdk 11.0.17

Android Root set correctly as well, I am working on an M1 Mac, cocoapods is installed through brew.
If I run the command npx cap run android, it lets me select a device, but the command ionic capacitor run android -l --external does not select device it just opens android studio.