Capacitor 3 - Android studio freezes start-up screen

Hey guys,
I’m running ionic 5 (Capacitor 3) with angular 11, the app works fine on the Web but whenever I try to open it from Android studio the screen just freezes and the terminal does not show any errors,

The terminal ALWAYS show something. Check the logcat tab as well and you should be able to find your error.

Another helpful tip for debugging is to attach the chrome debugger to your device. Open a chromium-based browser and navigate to chrome://inspect and select your device. Then you can reload the window with window.location.reload() from the dev tools. This should get you the full set of logs of what’s going on.

Typically, something like this is a JS error on launch that’s preventing your application from finishing loading. Or maybe you’re not hiding the splash screen in your code? Just some ideas, hopefully they help!

Hey, as I mentioned there are no error on it :frowning:

I will try that thank you

Hi @babana,

try to call SplashScreen.hide() in your app.component.ts.