What happens when we hit our max number of appflow downloads in a month?

We have had a month where we’ve needed to release several emergency fixes and we are now up against our 500 download/month limit.

When we hit that limit, what happens? Do we get charged a per download overage charge or will it just stop downloading?

Also, if we do upgrade, will it pro-rate our existing yearly fee?

As far as I know the limit is 500 Live Update Monthly Active Users, not 500 downloads.

Anyway, here is the FAQ link with information about what happens when you hit the limit

That’s great news!

I moved the apple/google apps to a different account this month, so that’s probably why it’s so high.

Thanks for your help!

Too bad Appflow doesn’t provide an overage fee for Live Updates like they do for Native Builds on the Free plan.

They announced that back in November 2023.