Ionic version:


Current behavior:

Trying to upload my ANDROID KEYSTORE at but get this error:

There was an error while submitting your credentials. Invalid keystore file. The file is not a valid keystore.

Expected behavior:

The keystore should be uploaded.

Having the same error. Generated a keystore file following the documentation but cannot upload it

I’ve just tried to create a new app and having the same problem when uploading Android key store. Follow instructions to the letter from

I am also having this problem.

I was able to get passed this issue thanks to a SO post:

Using the same approach described (the -storetype jks option) I created a cert that could be uploaded to the Ionic Dashboard.

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Same here. So the solution is simply to use the JKS format by adding “-storetype jks”. Please fix this to the documentation so that no more people waste hours finding out what’s wrong.

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