Can't add certificates


I’m trying to do a package of my app with ionic pro. Therefore i need to create a certificates in order to add my keystore and certificate.
However, it always returns me this
"There was an error while submitting your credentials. Keystore, Keystore Alias, or Keystore password invalid."
and almost the same message for IOS.

Besides I’m 100% sure that what i put it is correct so i don’t understand where is my mistake.

Thank you in advance for your help


Anything strange in the network panel of your browser’s devtools?
Some extension maybe blocking the upload of the file?
Did it work before?

Indeed @Sujan12 , there is an error 400 for the POST credentials.
I don’t have particular extension, that can block upload.
And it is the first time i do this because i’m just starting with Ionic Pro

These are the meta data of the POST credentials:
{meta: {status: 400, version: “2.0.0-sdlc-beta.0”, request_id: null},…}
error:{type: “InvalidCredentialFile”, link: null,…}
message:"Keystore, Keystore Alias, or Keystore password invalid."
meta:{status: 400, version: “2.0.0-sdlc-beta.0”, request_id: null}

Ok, that looks just like the error message that you are also seeing.

I could just upload an Android keystore successfully. So works for me.

Sorry I was busy this end of week!

It’s still not working for me, i still don’t understand why.

It works!
I don’t know why but my keystore was tampered…
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Have a good day

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