[RESOLVED] File extension of keystore must be .keystore

I’m unable to add .jks file to Signing certificates in Ionic Appflow “https://dashboard.ionicframework.com/
This is the error I get “A keystore file is required. File extension of keystore must be .keystore”
I clearly remember that the Appflow Dashboard was accepting .jks and .keystore file. As the other apps I have in the Appflow dashboard 90% of them has .jks file. But all out of nowhere I’m getting this error message.
Any instructions how I can fix this?
Is this a bug in the system?
I can not create a keystore file as my apps are already live and using .jks file.

Thanks for reporting this. You are correct - it’s a bug. We are working on a fix that should be out shortly. I’ll update here when it’s fixed. thanks.

This has been resolved. Apologies for the disruption.

Great. Thank you so much. It’s perfectly working now. I guess I was the first one to report this issue.

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