Ionic View 401 Error?

So I was originally logged in to Ionic View under my personal account, but now I’d like to share my account with the other members on my team.

I logged out of my personal account, and created a new account with my work email address. I deleted ionic.project file and used

ionic upload -e newemail -p newpass

The app does indeed show up in my new account at, however, when I log into this account (or my old account) using Ionic View, it logs in and then immediately gives me a 401 error. Any ideas?

Thanks for your time,

I am getting the exact same problem

Hey we changed some stuff on the backend yesterday, taking a look at this right now.

I’m getting a 403 when trying to sign in on iOS Ionic View…

Hey things should be fixed now, @xeio your session might be stale from the update we just made, if closing the app and re-opening doesn’t work try re-installing. If that still doesn’t work please post back here!


Great - hard restart of app didn’t work, so I removed and re-installed and now all is fine. Many thanks!

Thanks for fixing this Tim! :slight_smile:

I got this problem today also, 401 when i want to sync my datas from ionic view app.
Still a very nice app, great work guys.

401 here as well. Restart does not help. Any ideas?

Okey, deleted and reinstalled the app and now it’s working…

Yeah, if you have any issues with it (usually when it updates) just uninstall, reinstall and it’ll be fine. I’ve done this twice now.

Great app. Can’t wait for the Android version.

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