Can't get links to load in Web View?!?

So, WAY back in the day with ionic (and Cordova), if you just put a link on a page and didn’t have the “InAppBrowser” plugin installed, the clicked links would take over the whole app screen, this was largely considered a pain in the butt. Fast forward to today when I actually need a link to open in the FULL web view, and it appears that the fix for this has been put back in place, and I can no longer just put a link there without the plugin.

Anyone know how I can make that work?

So here’s the deal: I have a client that wants a “mobile app” even though their site is already mobile ready. I wanted to do an experiment that basically just uses Ionic/Cordova to init the app (Android primarily), load the Ionic splash screen, then just redirect the user to the website, but keep it in the App Web View, so it looks like they are in the app, not the web site. I’ll later add in some net checks, etc, but not right now.

Any thoughts?