Ionic starter & bower.json


I am working on my Ionic Starter. I have stuck on following problem:

  1. my starter has some bower dependencies
  2. ionic starter should be only ‘www’ folder (
  3. bower.json is at the top level, so outside ‘www’

How I should handle that? Am I missing something obvious?


First you need to install those bower dependencies with the command bower install, then all the dependencies will get installed and then you will be able to run the ionic serve command. The bower.json will be outside the www folder only.

Thanks for the reply, but my problem is different. I have my dependencies installed. They are in bower.json. Problem: How to publish those dependencies with the Ionic Starter on the Ionic Market?

Hey @grb, this is a perfect example of why we didn’t force a directory structure. There’s going to be exceptions and this is a common one. Feel free to submit it at the root level of the project.

Be sure to check for .git or hidden IDE files that might give away information you don’t want to and make sure there are no platforms added (they’ll contain info you don’t want to share).