Cannot set property ‘forwardViewId’ of undefined

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I have the same issue on my side as well !!

I face the same issue.

some navpage ==> menu page

back from menu page, sometimes trigger this issue.

If I disable cache, back button doesn’t work , so I think something wrong with cache settings.

Hello there!

I’m amazed no one from the Ionic Team has replied to this issue. I’m experiencing the same problem… sometimes I use Ionic’s side-menu and when I go back to the previous view, this error is triggered.

I really hope some from the Ionic team could take a look at this thread.


We ran into this error today and kinda tracked it down.

The error only occurred when going from nestedState -> nonNestedState -> nestedState. We worked around it by moving that 2nd state into a nested state: ‘tab.whatever’.

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Hey Ionic Team,

Any solution yet for this issue?