Problem with cached views and navigation

This was possible in beta-13 but doesnt seem to work in the latest version…

Say I go from state ‘menu.tabs.dashboard’ to ‘menu.tabs.resources’. This would display a navigation back button to return to ‘menu.tabs.dashboard’.

Then say I go from ‘menu.tabs.dashboard’ to ‘menu.tabs.resources’ to ‘feedback’ which is a state with no side-menu or tabs. With the old $ionicNavBarDelegate.back() it would take me back to ‘menu.tabs.resources’ which then had the back button in the nav bar to ‘menu.tabs.dashboard’.

However with $ionicHistory.goBack() it takes me back to ‘menu.tabs.resources’ but this state doesn’t have the back button to ‘menu.tabs.dashboard’, like it is started the view stack from the beginning.

Seems like this might only be happening when $ionicConfigProvider.views.maxCache(0) is set

It may have to due with the maxCache, but just to be sure, could you provide a codepen?