Cannot run sample ionic material app!

Please help!

I am trying to run the example ionic material app found here:

I have run the following commands:

$ ionic start myapp sidemenu
$ ionic platform add android
$ ionic build android
$ bower install ionic-material

running the app using $ ionic serve --lab works at this point and loads the same ionic sidemenu app.

I then replaced the www folder in the sample sidemenu app with the www folder from the ionic material git above.

Running the app using the serve command now doesn’t show anything.

On removing the

, 'ionic-material', 'ionMdInput' 

part of

angular.module('starter', ['ionic', 'starter.controllers', 'ionic-material', 'ionMdInput'])

at the top of app.js, runs the app but only shows the header bar.

What am I missing in order to run this ionic material sample app?

Thanks in advance,
Juliette Ryan

Why did you do that?

You’re assuming that the build process of this demo app is compatible with the on from Ionic starter app. That’s a big assumption! There could be different gulp tasks, different hooks, and different project structure.

I would just use this demo as any other Ionic project,

cd demo
npm install
bower install
ionic platform add android
ionic build android

Then once you got it working and understand how it works, you could start modifiying it

Check the version of the ionic.material.min.js in demo/www/lib/ionic-material. I had the same problem before, the library wasn’t updated in the demo.