Using Ionic Material plugin with Cordova 5

I’m trying to run the demo in Mac Yosemite with Ionic and Cordova 5. At Ionic-Material/demo running bower install ionic-material causes an Failed to execute "git ls-remote --tags --heads", exit code of #128 remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository '' to appear.

As in I tried removing the Ionic-Material folder present originally in the demo, then it loaded without an error on bower install but on running ‘ionic serve’ it still showed a white screen. I even tried copying the original demo files of the lib/Ionic-Material ( the json, css and js files) into the new installed lib/Ionic-Material folder, yet it showed a white screen. Can anyone please solve the error or put up detailed instructions for it.

PS: I’m an ionic newbie and just found out Ionic-Material, you guys just saved a ton of my time. Thanks and Much Love!

This seems specific to the ionic-material project, not ionic core.
Please open an issue on their repo.