Cannot find module “.” on release build

Cannot find module “.” on release build

So no one received answer for this for last 2 year.
Could anyone from ionic team support on this. it shouldn’t be a sin because that we are using ionic

Can you provide public access to a minimal repo that reproduces the issue? I can’t think of anything very helpful anybody could do for you without that.

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I don’t want to make you demotivate.
Lots of people got desperate asking same question again and again.
I have seen same question in all public forum and the answer for this is very weird “just downgrade everything”

And to you. What you want exactly package.json ( Code is working fine in debug only release having this issue.)
If you want access to my repo. Pls share you bitbucket id

Thanks in advance

The point of community support forums is the fact that, as Linus Torvalds put it, bugs get shallower when many eyes are on them. If you are concerned about trade secrets or whatnot, go ahead and redact anything that isn’t specifically needed to reproduce the problem.