Hi folks,

just wanted to showcase my “ionic-modal-select” component for the ionic framework,
based on $ionicModal.

It basically gives you a directive (ng-model aware) to select an item from a list using a modal as ui,
also with a search bar to filter available options.

It’s available on github and ionic market:

There is also a test app you can view Ionic View:
app id: 23febfb8.

and a codepen:

Any consideration and suggestion are greatly appreciated

Best regards


This is cool!
but i am having really a lot of trouble with setting dynamic options( which i get in the response of http request)

i have something like this
$scope.options = [{name:'First Option}]

and when i receive the http response im pushing each item to that scope.
something like this:

function(response) {
var a = {
name: $(this).name

i am consol logging the each push and it works fine, however the view doesnt update.
i also tried to use $watch and $watchCollection on scope variable but that aint helped too
Please reply if u have an idea what do to ?

hi @ekhmoi !
glad you like the project.

Your problem should be solved in the last version you can find on github (master branch). Still not on bower, sorry (will fix it next week)

This is the relevant issue:

if you can, please try and see if this solves your problem.

best regards


Thanks mate! will give it a try asap. cheers :smile:

Now it works !
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: