Can we replace ionic.css with some other framework.css

Hi Guys,

Could some one tell me, is it possible to build an ionic app without using the ionic.css ? . My concern is will it affect the functionality/platform specific actions. (Ex: sliding menues) ?. I just had a quick look on ionic.css and for me it seems like its only handling the styling. So the functionality should not be affected. But I might be missing something.

What I’m trying to do is applying the materializecss ( to my ionic app. it seems like having ionic.css sometimes overrides the styles in materializecss. So I’m thinking removing the ionic.css and add the materializecss.css

I tumble upon this framework called ionicmaterial, but unfortunately it seems to be not production ready yet.

Thanks in advance



No luck? I’m trying to do the same thing. Maybe alot of compatibility issues will occur. Might as well not use ionic at all…

If you are talking about overriding some of the css, you can simply quote “materialize.css” later than “ionic.css” (this will give materialize.css higher priority when doing css selection and computing), this is totally a css priority issue.

Actually the overlay ionicmaterial has a documentation in their github repository. You can see the full sample code and implementation of their demo .

Hi @moogeek, @windht, thanks for the replies and extremely sorry the late reply, I tried their new release as well, but since it gives too many errors at this time, I decided to let it go. However I havent completed my app yet and I’m hoping to get back to it, when I’m really start doing the UI.

I hope by that time they will have a stable release.



I had success with ionicmaterial. Basically run their demo and you’ll be good to go.

Interesting - did anyone get materializecss to work with ionic1, though? ionicmaterial is not that feature-rich and outdated now… :frowning: