Can we integrate payment with IONIC?

Hello everyone,
I want to integrate payment method with IONIC.
Is it possible to do this? and how?
Please help me to release this idea. Your answer is the big appriciate !

Your problem has nothing to do with ionic.

It has something to do with hybrid apps.
Like paypal standard payment would not work or would not work very easy, because if you wanna pay with paypal standard you have to put a redirect url in your paypal configuration to redirect after paying (it would not open your app again or closes the window automatically).

So you could open a new window and hang on window events (if window loads, closed and so on) and try to figure out if the payment is finished or not…

It would be easier with paypal express i think.

But finally… this is not an ionic issue.

Greets, bengtler.

Hi bengtler ! it is not the ionic issue, so it means that the payment method can integrate in ionic before converting to the hybrid app ? or we could integrate payment after converting to the hybrid app?

I haven’t looked into it myself but maybe check out:

You have to implement it in your app… afterwards makes no sense ^^.

It is not an ionic issue because ionic is only a framework to write apps with angularjs and has nothing to do with the question, if it is possible to setup payments like paypal in an app.


I have completely developed application using ionic framework for both android and ios.
Now i need to integrate the payment gateway for my mobile app, we are using the Payu india gateway provider.
Payu providing the native SDK, i mentioned in below link,

How to integrate this with my ionic app for both android and ios, they are given native sdk for both android and ios, Can i use this with my ionic app? Please help anyone i’m getting struggle in this from last one month.

You will have to use post requests url provided by payubiz.