Integrate Payu payment gateway with ionic application

I have completely developed application using ionic framework for both android and ios.
Now i need to integrate the payment gateway for my mobile app, we are using the Payu india gateway provider.
Payu providing the native SDK, i mentioned in below link,

How to integrate this with my ionic app for both android and ios, they are given native sdk for both android and ios, Can i use this with my ionic app? Please help anyone i’m getting struggle in this from last one month.

Hi. I had the same issue but with payU Latam. i need an example… can you help me yo solve the ionic and payU integration?


Hi. I had the same issue but with payU Latam. if you solve the ionic and payU integration plz help me ?


I used inapp browser for this and passed values from ionic form to server,
in server i have passed post fields values to form and submited to payu
server by seamless integration. Then it worked well.

Hi bro. I also need to implement same in my ionic app. I have opened the payment details page in InAapBrowser. But I am not able to get response back on my app after payment success/ failure. Can you please provide me any example or sample code which you already did for the same.

This link might help you guys:

I have implemented it successfully. thanks to all

Can you please explain the process of PayUbiz integration?
Currently there is no cordova plugin for PayUbiz integration with ionic3

I have integrated it with ionicv1.