How to integrate PayuMoney Payment gateway with ionic?

Hello, i am new person in hybrid app development., my client want to integrate payumoney with ionic 2 app…is it possible? if yes,how i do that?

Thank u

Did you find any Solution ? Even we are trying to build payment gateway using Payu Money. ?

Could you integrate payumoney payment gateway with ionic 2 ? I am trying to do so. Please let me know if you have any idea.

I have been able to do it partially in ionic 2 .What I did is like below:

-End user select PayUMoney as payment option on my app.
-I take the user to next page(through navCtrl.setRoot ) which display the transaction amount and a continue button. The same html contains transaction request parameters as hidden html type.As soon as end user clicks on continue the user is taken to the PayUMoney server.

But now I am stuck at passing success/failure URL . How would I handle the success/failure case.As soon as the transaction gets completed on PayUMoney the user needs to be redirected to my App again . I don’t know how to do this.
Can anybody help in this case ?

You can redirect user to a Deeplink URL which should navigate user to your application. I have not tried this but theoretically it should work. with ionic2 we are able to integrate successfully, they have cordova plugin too,
for PayUMoney, here is the integration guide:


I refer this link.But i have no idea.How can i integrate in to app.

Give me some ideas.


hi govind,can you share steps to integrate payment gateway to ionic app!!

Hi kamal,

We are trying to integrate payu for one of our app which is build on ionic 2 can we have code sample for take user to PayUMoney Server. You have mentioned that you were able to proceed to PayUMoney.

can anyone got solution ? please we are also looking for same

I am Able to manage the whole transaction process in Cordova but at the end i didn’t know how to get response.
I am using Angularjs and cordova

Hi all,
Is there any updation with integrtaion of payUmoney with ionic3 app?

Hey guys, I’m not sure if you guys have found the solution.
For future references,
Here is a link thats working.