Setting Position Of AdMob

Hi, I am new at ionic. I had a question that, is it possible to set the location of ads in a page view. As in my page there is a table, i want to display the ads under that table, if the table extends the ads should also extend and only display under that table. How can i set the position of the ads?

From how I understood it (no actual experience) the Admob banners are shown on top of the Web View where your Ionic app is displayed. You only can choose x,y coordinates. Ads won’t be scrolled etc.

Thank you for your reply. I have seen some apps with this that they are scrolling ads, they are build on different environment, i was wondering that may be it is possible for Ionic too.

The issue then is not Ionic but the Cordova plugin you are using. Look into the Cordova plugins behind the Ionci Native plugins.

I am currently using “AdMob Pro”, and I think it’s what mostly used and i have been searching much related to this plugin and many others but still stuck on the same problem. But Thanks for your help.