Can the makers of this forum turn off grabbing Ctrl-F

there is a difference between searching the site and whats on the page. I want to search for a word within the page, not launch an new search

it’s Ctrl -F as in Find, not Search :wink:


Just bring up the browser menu and use find from there.


No, they can get this forum compliant with the rest of the world, LOL

If I want to search site i click on Magnifying glass. (one click)
if i want to find i have

  1. move mouse to find file on other screen
  2. click on file
  3. find “Find” which happens to say Ctrl-F is a short cut to FIND
  4. click it
  5. then go back to other screen and do search.

Please stop Capturing Ctrl-F

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Ok, I found a way get my Ctrl-F Back

I installed

Greasemonkey extension in firefox

then I setup a script for this site. i found at

// ==UserScript==
// @name        _Nuke the forward slash on select pages
// @include*
// @include*
// @grant       GM_addStyle
// ==/UserScript==
/*- The @grant directive is needed to work around a design change
    introduced in GM 1.0.   It restores the sandbox.

//-- "true" tells the listener to use capture mode.
window.addEventListener ('keydown',  blockSlashKey, true);
window.addEventListener ('keyup',    blockSlashKey, true);
/*-- Don't block keypress on window or body, this blocks the default
    page-search, too.
window.addEventListener ('keypress', blockSlashKey, true);

function blockSlashKey (zEvent) {
    var FORWARD_SLASH   = 191;  // For keydown and keyup
    var ASCII_SLASH     = 47;   // For keypress

    if (    zEvent.which === FORWARD_SLASH
        || (zEvent.which === ASCII_SLASH  &&  zEvent.type == "keypress")
    ) {

this works like a champ

Note, this is only triggered on topics where not all the posts on the page
are rendered.

You can always easily opt out by hitting ctrl-f twice, however it will not
magic the blank content into your topic, so you will think you are
searching through a topic with 100 posts but are in fact only searching
through 20 of them.

So are you saying that the search with a topic is only within the topic?
yes I know that Ctrl-F is only with the viewed :wink:

I am saying that the number may say 100, you may have scrolled all the way
from the top to the bottom, yet some of the posts that were on initially
rendered when you were at the top of the topic are no longer rendered when
you are at the bottom, cause we remove the from the dom

So does the Search bar when you hit Ctrl-F or / Search All the results of the current topic?
If No and it just does another site search then this is breaking the reason ctrl-F has been implemented in browsers.
and hence, I sorry but, this is just getting in the way.

Wow, I really second this topic. Please don’t override browser shortcuts unless you have a REALLY good reason.

Actually they did adjust this, (Thanks Ionic)

what I see now is if you do Ctrl-F the find shows up, if you do / both show.

Thanks again to whom adjusted this

Nobody adjusted anything, as someone else already said the Ctrl + F override is only triggered on topics that span more than one page, when not everything is loaded by default.

The forum software used here is called Discourse, they have a community at where you also can leave feedback and your wishes.