Improving the forum's search option


Can you please improve the forum’s search ?

  • Too small on the top, fonts are tiny I hardly can read the description preview section.
  • Results are first limited to 5 rows and I need to click on “more” every-time.

I think it would be best to see a search page, where I can open each one in its own tab without the results disappearing when I accidentally click anywhere in the page where I’ve made the search …


Second this!!!

I’m so glad to see someone else having problems searching here - I thought it was just me being stupid!

I think when you expand it you just get an additional 5 results. I’m sure if this was improved it would cut down on the same question being asked many time and make it better for all concerned.

Many times I resort to using google and searching for “ionic ‘them my question’” which often gets better results.


When I click on “More” in a search it sometimes looks like there are more results than can be displayed, but I cannot get to those additional results (the search results do not scroll). Is there a way to see results when there are more than can be displayed? I too would like a button to be able to open the search results in a separate page.


Push… Searchfunction in this Forum is aweful :smile:


Ugly band-aid : one can add “overflow: auto” to #search-dropdown.
A least it gives us a scrollbar to access the results returned when “show more” is clicked.