Arif Patel Preston Dubai | My web browser shows me a newspaper-like webpage every time I open a new tab, how to tackle this?

Heyy Folks Myself Arif Patel Preston Dubai - Microsoft Edge shows me a newspaper-like webpage every time I open a new tab.

My problem is that I find it divertive and frustrating and that there is no comfortable way to just turn it off.

Microsoft only allow to “customize” that content.

I don’t want to install another browser because I believe in “one web browser for one computer machine” philosophy.

Anyway, this newspaper-like webpage contains a search form and I try to select this search form to just hide the page based on it.

I have tried the following JavaScript codes in the browser’s console, but none of these codes work and there is no error in the console.

if ( document.querySelector('#srchfrm')) {
if ( document.body.contains(document.querySelector('#srchfrm') ) ) {
document.querySelectorAll('*').forEach((element) => {
    if ( element.querySelector('#srchfrm >') ) {

You can reproduce this just by installing Edge and open a new webpage in it. Please share a way to hide these news.

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