Can not store data in a file


I am developping an app using Ionic 4 with React.
I succeded to store data in LocalStorage using Capacitor Storage API ( It’s pretty easy to use and it is efficient.

Now, I need to backup everything in a file to be sent.
I tried the FileSystem API ( but I m not able to find my file once it has been created.

I tried to find my file on my Virtuel Device and on my Samsung Galaxy s7 but I found nothing.

Did I miss something?
Where are these folders mentioned in FileSystemDirectory?


I found a way to get what I needed… I post here in case it could help someone.

I install this package:

=> npm i @byteowls/capacitor-filesharer

Then in my React class:

import {FileSharer} from '@byteowls/capacitor-filesharer';
        filename: fileName,
            base64Data: "content converted as base64 string",
            contentType: " text/plain",
    }).then(() => {
       alert("export done!");


You'll be able to find your file in the download folder