Can I use the server ionic code (html, js, css) within the app?

Hi all,

I want to dynamic update feature in my app which requires update the content without need to re-install the app package.

So using the traditional way of ionic is not workable as all the html, css, js will be packed into the apk, which is not changeable after the installation.

I am wondering currently if there is a way to reuse the server side ionic app code from within the ionic app? For example,

  1. deploy the ionic code to my server so it is accessible via http://www.[myhost].com:8100.
  2. from the ionic app just refer to the url in the above step. this makes the content is able to be changed on the server side.

Not sure if this is workable?

Thanks for any suggestions.

My personal opinion is that as a user I would never install and would be actively hostile towards an app that does this. How do I have any assurance that this app isn’t a massive trojan?