Is it possible to serve pages to client app?

Hey everyone thanks for your time, I’m still new to the Ionic/Cordova world so excuse me for my ignorance.

I’ve been looking for this question but didn’t found any answer.

I’m wondering if I could have a server which would provide pages to my Ionic client app ? Is it possible via hotpush ?

The goal is that I could serve new pages to all my Ionic apps, I understand page are components in Ionic xxx.ts and xxx.html that’s why I have doubts.

It’s clear I could update content with ease but what about structures and logics, could I get new pages in without having them locally ?

If you use Ionic Pro Deploy or Microsoft’s Code Push you can not only change content, but also add or remove pages in your app.

You can also just structure your app in a way, that the content comes from an API - which can also “create pages” or “remove pages”.

Thanks for the clear answer, I guess I could had found out myself but it’s hard to understand everything by yourself thanks !