Can I use ONLY JavaScript to build Ionic2 apps? (Hate TypeScript and static typing)

Although I saw the following about TypeScript being optional:

“TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, which means it gives you JavaScript, along with a number of extra features such as type declarations and interfaces. Although Ionic is built with TypeScript, using it to build an Ionic app is completely optional.”

I would still like someone Official or knowledgeable with the latest version of Ionic to confirm I can use ONLY JavaScript to build Ionic apps?

Also, if the answer is “yes”, do you know if pure JavaScript app development is on the long term roadmap?

In my opinion, TypeScript is Microsoft’s hack at getting on the JavaScript bandwagon. Visual Studio and .NET are not capable of supporting true, fully dynamic languages such as JavaScript and Smalltalk. Even though the DLR does provide support for Python and Ruby but IronPython and IronRuby are dying. In any case, Smalltalk and JavaScript can do things static languages can’t. And, my productivity, fav design patterns and preferences are to develop Ionic apps in pure JavaScript, not TypeScript.