Moving from jQuery movile to Ionic. Help Needed

I want to make a app. I started with jQuery mobile but jQuery mobile have some issues with panels so want to use ionic instead.
My App is going to have lot of charts and to plot the charts I have used Highcharts tool with jQuery. Code is already written for the webpage.
I am intending to use the same code and data in mobile using ionic. Is it advisable to use ionic with jQuery and Highcharts for my app.

Ionic is based on AngularJS and AngularJS uses jqLite for selecting elements and so on. this is a restricted and lightweight jQuery version. If you load jQuery before Ionic/Angular it uses jQuery instead of jqLite automatically.

So in your index.html you can load jQuery before the ionic framework source and you are ready to use full jquery functionalities.
You can use angular.element() like $().

But keep the concepts of AngularJS in your mind … they are using jqLite and not jQuery because of reasons ;).

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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