Can I use a Code Editor of my choice?


I have been using Intel XDK to develop mobile app. Recently I have found Ionic and it seems amazing. Thanks for creating such a framework.

Can I use an editor of my choice ? Or use the built in editor that comes with Intel XDK ?

If YES … then how to accomplish ‘Customizing Ionic With Sass…’ as found at

Looking forward to your help.

Using command line tool appears complicated to me . Please help.


Nothing special…
i am using sublime text editor with some plugins for automatically sass generation.
If you found cli’s complicated, then sublime text is nothing for you^^.

  1. install sublime text 3
  2. install package control
  3. press strg + shift + p
  4. type “install” -> install plugin
  5. search for sass or scss

The WebStorm IDE has an implemented sass plugin… but you have to configure it… so you need the cli commands to get it work.


Hi Bengtler,

Thanks for your answer.

Yes sublime text 3 is a great editor anyway and I am using it too.

Doing what you just said and will let you know about the outcome. Hope it will work fine.

Thanks again.


Another editor that I’ve used is atom, quick, powerful, and has a lot of plugins that you can hack on


Yep, but i am still waiting for >= beta release :).


Thats why I bounce back and forth between atom and webstorm :wink:


Hi, I’m using Sublime Text Editor too for all my projects. He has tons of very powerful features !
Sometimes I go back to Aptana (developped from Eclipse) it’s a good IDE with git features and others.


Yes. A good code editor only would modify the text of the files as you want it to, not adding additional editor specific jargon (As Microsoft Word does, therefore it is not suitable for code editing). And thus, you can switch between editors as much as you want to. You can even divide your code amongst all editors you have available (not recommended), it’ll work.


Thats why i do not like big ide’s for webdevelopment.
If i have the possibility to develop nodejs, html5 and so on… i do not want to use big ides… taking minutes to startup with a bunch of features i do not need.

Fast and clean^^. thats it for me.


using AppBuilder here - works great!


Dont laugh… but im using NetBeans 8.
LESS and SASS Compileing on save works well with cordova as far for now (not that far =] ) and with the netbeans connector for chrome it refreshs the page on save… and alot of plugins as well…

kind of clumsy, maybe an overkill, but hey! its free! :wink:


Haven’t used Atom yet … how is it ?


Atom works for most cases, it’s quick and opens fast. But for when I need some more power, I use webstorm


I’m using Brackets with ionicbrackets extensions. It is the same which uses XDK if you’re familiar with the interface.