Angular capacitor without ionic ui

Im a bit confused about using angular capacitor with or without ionic.
I want to use tailwindcss and tailwind component, So,
If I make a project with ionic, Is it posible to just using ionic native without ionic ui? If yes, How to remove it from the project?
What is the benefit of using ionic angular over just angular+ capacitor? Something like app Theme, color,…

If u say Ionic Angular, it generally refers to the Ionic UI Framework with Angular. And u seem not to want that.

Furthermore, I like to refer to Ionic Native as a angular sugar added to Cordova stuff - at least it used to be like that. Now if u google this, this concept seems more made as a landing spot/marketing thing directing u to capacitor or the old “ionic native” stuff as I mentioned earlier

In my words:You are seeking to integrate Angular with Tailwind and use capacitor plugins to add native stuff. And to be able to release the app in a certain way. And if u find plugins missing then u r basically wanting to add Cordova plugins to the Capacitor framework - but only as a last resort because cordova is old stuff and sometimes not very kept up to date (open source)

It happens to be that the Ionic teams delivers Capacitor - that should be only reason for u to bump into the Ionic word

Thank you tommertom,
I want to decrease bundel size when ionic ui component not using in the app.

If you don’t want to use Ionic, then don’t create an Ionic app, just create an angular app and add tailwind or whatever you want to use.

Capacitor doesn’t require Ionic Framework, you can use it with any framework or none at all.

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