Can i directly upload to an ftp and server the app for dev on a webspace without "ionic build"?

Can i directly upload each file on change (funcitonality in intellij) to an ftp and server the app for devs on a webspace without “ionic build”?

Which framework are you using? Angular? @mcookie

@armandovillalta’s question is great, but in general you need to do something in order to fold any changes into a runnable form.

Yes, @armandovillalta , i do use Angular.
The ionic serve thing is able to have it runnable nearly instantly, @rapropos . The ionic build takes forever, which makes it unusable for seeing instant results during development

That’s because it launches a special webserver that has information about what has changed and what hasn’t (that is not available to j. random httpd on the internet).

Are you talking about Live Editing?

sorry I have been pretty busy this days couldnt reply before… did you found any solution? and just to be clear you wish to transfer file to a ftp server when developing the app? like when you are using ionic serve? or how? @mcookie