CLI Ionic Upload: can I still use 'serve' and 'emulate' while uploading?


I’m currently uploading a fairly large app (~500 MB), and I was wondering if I could open a new terminal window and fire up ‘ionic serve’ or ‘ionic emulate [ios|android]’ while the app is uploading.

I guess running ‘ionic build [ios|android]’ would break stuff, but can I run the two above?
Does ‘ionic upload’ use a static snapshot which does not interfere with ‘serve’ or ‘emulate’?

ionic upload takes whatever is in /www - so you shouldn’t execute anything that changes the content of that folder. Running ionic serve would probably do that.

I was under the impression that ionic builds first, then upload this build (the “iOS compiled” version if you will).

Under /platforms, it looks like a full copy of /www is made.

Trouble is, ionic upload doesn’t have a progress monitor.
My guess is once the iOS app is built, ionic is just uploading the compiled version, leaving the original /www untouched.

ionic upload does nothing related to iOS at all. It really only takes the content of /www and uploads it to Ionic servers.
As far as I know there is also no locking going on, so doing ionic upload and ionic build at the same time in two different windows has potential for conflicts, missing files etc.

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