Ionic connecting to FTP server and managing files


Hello, i have a project where i need to connect to FTP server. You need a link to it, a username and a password to connect. I have all that, server is established and has some files on it. my problem is how do i connect to it, and download file which i’ll then save to my database, and then later on upload it. All the files are .xml Any ideas ?
Thanks !


You could take a look at the cordova plugin ftp over here:

sounds it could be a good fit for your app. Seems worth a shot.


Thanks for the reply. Could you explain to me how should i implement that code to my project ? Im getting a lot of errors, im very new to the Ionic/Angular.


Since I don’t know this plugin either (and it isn’t supported out of the box by Ionic Native) your best bet would be to check the github repo. I’m seeing someone who’s implementing this plugin with Ionic, please check out this thread:

There’s even a Ionic specific example on Github (got it from the comments on the ftp plugin github):


You are a life saver. Thank you very much !